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Applied Statistics - Master's Degree

Obtain skills in the design and analysis of quantitative data to open career opportunities and growth as well as to better conduct quantitative research.

Enhance career opportunities as a practicing statistician in a growing field where the widespread use of statistical analysis to make informed business, healthcare, and policy decisions is in demand.


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The online Master of Applied Statistics provides students with a variety of skills that include managing "big" data and successfully describing, analyzing and making inferences using current and rapidly evolving statistical methodologies. This consists of 11 online courses that focus on the discovery of statistical techniques and approaches through data visualization and computing. The selection of 11 online courses includes five required courses (17 credit-hours) and 13 credit-hours of guided electives selected from six courses. To be eligible for the online Master of Applied Statistics, students must possess a four-year bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution or an international credential deemed equivalent to a four-year bachelor's degree. In addition, this program requires a two-semester sequence in calculus and an introductory statistics course. GRE scores are required for admission to the masters program. Tuition information can be found on this webpage, and refund information can be found on this webpage.

COLLEGE: Arts & Sciences | Dr. Bing Zhang Department of Statistics
PROGRAM: Master's Degree
COST: $721 per credit

Coursework for the Master of Applied Statistics:

  • STA 645: Computational Theory and Data Visualization
  • STA 646: Foundations of Probability and Inference
  • STA 647: Statistical Computing with SAS
  • STA 648: Regression Modeling
  • STA 649: Design of Experiments
  • STA 650: Applied Multivariate Statistics
  • STA 651: Advanced Programming with R
  • STA 652: Advanced Statistical Modeling
  • STA 654: Applied Bayesian Analysis
  • STA 656: Statistical Quality Control
  • STA 659: Advanced Statistical Methods

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