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Liberal Studies - Bachelor's Degree

This degree allows students to design individualized programs of study to include humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. This diverse study provides broader freedom of course choices and a diversified, liberal arts background which compliments numerous career paths.


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Life can take us in any number of directions. The BLS is meant to be a flexible and broad path to finishing your degree here at UK. The liberal studies label refers to the philosophy of a liberal arts education: a broad understanding of the world and ourselves as humans. BLS students enjoy taking classes on all kinds of subjects.

In practice, this means that you are able to take courses from all different departments within the College of Arts and Sciences. choose between a Humanities, Social Science, or Natural Science track, and develop marketable skills in those areas.

The BLS is intended to be a degree that can be completed as a distance learner. This is great news for those of you looking for that kind of flexibility due to work or family schedules.

Our student base is diverse and motivated to learn! We welcome students from all kinds of backgrounds to become part of Big Blue Nation. The goal of the BLS program is to offer a broad scope view of the Humanities and Sciences for those looking for flexibility in their schedules and have maybe found traditional degree programs just not working for their interests.

COLLEGE: Arts & Sciences | Bachelor of Liberal Studies
PROGRAM: Bachelor's Degree
COST: $570 per credit

There are 3 tracks to choose from. More information will be made available soon. You can also check the program website for more details.