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Latin Studies - Graduate Certificate

Our Graduate Certificate in Latin Studies offers intensive immersion in the Latin language and literature that allows students to master this classical language. This program is designed for those seeking careers as Latin teachers in secondary schools, or the graduate student pursuing advanced degrees in fields where Latin proficiency is important (e.g. History, Philosophy, Modern Languages, Linguistics, Theology, Classics, Conservation fields), or as a secondary preparation for Law and Medicine.


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Gain Command of Latin in a Concentrated Format

This certificate offers you an interdisciplinary opportunity to gain command of Latin. The curriculum consists of a sequence of three courses in Latin language and literature. Upon completion, you will acquire not merely reading skills but also considerable active command of the language through courses in which Latin is the exclusive spoken language, and all assignments are written in Latin. We recommend that students interested in this graduate certificate please contact the program director to ensure you have the necessary prerequisite courses or equivalent level of competencies. Director:

COLLEGE: Arts & Sciences
DEGREE: Graduate Certificate
COST: $693 per credit


  • CLA 501, Introduction to Latin Prose Composition (prerequisite), or the attainment of an equivalent level of competence as determined by the Director of the Latin Studies Curriculum.


  • Completion of 9 credit hours with a GPA (in those same courses) of at least 3.33.
  • Courses:
    • CLA 611: Latin of Ancient Rome and the Middle Ages (may be repeated up to three times with a different selection of primary texts each time)
    • CLA 612: Latin of the Middle Ages to the Modern World (may be repeated up to three times with a different selection of primary texts each time)
    • MCL 591: Language Practicum (may be repeated up to five times for credit with different subtitles)

      NOTE: An independent study course under the number CLA 580 or CLA 695 may, with the permission of the Director of the Latin Studies Curriculum, count towards the minimum of 9 credit hours of Latin Studies course work needed for this Graduate Certificate.